A Well Deserved Rest

As you may have read last week, my local club, the Poole & District Model Railway Society, have just had our annual exhibition, and being the Exhibition Manager it has been a busy time for me.  But the show went very well and I think everybody had an enjoyable time.

So this week’s post will simply be to say thankyou to all the visitors, exhibitors, traders and members of my club who worked the show, because it takes all of you to make the exhibition possible. I’m now going to take a few days off.  Next week I should be back to 3D printing projects!

Model Railways Solutions’ New Shop

This week, and today in particular, is a special occasion for our friends Steve and Martin at Model Railway Solutions.  For those who’ve never come across them, MRS are manufacturers of custom-built model railways and base-boards.  They also offer a variety of services such as repairs, DCC fitting, high quality custom re-paints and weathering, layout wiring and computer control programming, to name a few.

To expand their already diverse services, today they have opened their own model railway shop.

The shop, which is the front piece to their workshops, has been renovated, fitted out, lit and opened in just four weeks.

They still have more stock to display as it all arrives from the manufacturers but already they have a great selection of stuff.  And, as a US N scaler I’m pleased to see ‘Kato corner’ in the shop with a selection of the fantastic Kato Unitrack on offer.

The spacious layout of the store includes a test track which, when finished, will have running facilities for all the main gauges running on DC, DCC and computer control.  Also a special feature is planned for the test track which Steve is keeping as a surprise.

All the major brands will be stocked for British trains in the main scales, as well as several brands of European and US rolling stock.

Woodland Scenics products will have their own display unit with much of their extensive range of scenic material, accents and details.

Digitrax and Colbolt are two of the major DCC brands they carry, with many others available.

MRS also have lots of their own products, such as their self adhesive cork underlay, tools, wires, plugs, switches, point motor mounts, throttle holders and control panels.

Throughout the shop you will find everything you need to build your railway empire.

And if they haven’t got what you need in stock, just ask and they can order it in.  The shop is located at Unit 1, 10-12 Alder Hills, Poole, Dorset, BH12 4AL.

For those of you who can’t pop in to the shop there will be a website with everything on which is due to go online soon.  But for now, they can be reached via telephone on 01202 798068 or via email at shop@modelrailwaysolutions.co.uk.

MRS’ baseboard website is www.modelrailwaysolutions.co.uk which will become the shop website when it goes live.

It’s always good news when a new model railway store opens, and we wish them all the best with their exciting venture.

A Little Time Off

As is often the case, real life demands that our hobbies get put to the side sometimes. This weekend has been one of those times and work has taken up my spare hours. So this evening I’m having some time off, getting outside to enjoy the summer evenings while we still have them, and reminding my wife what I actually look like! I will see you all next week, have a great one.

OO Gauge Fixed Link Couplings – Part 3

Back in March 2017 I was in the process of sharing with you my designs for OO Gauge fixed link couplings utilizing the NEM sockets; you can read the post here.  However when Shapeways announced their pricing structure change for the FUD and FXD materials this put a pause on the project.  Mainly because under the new pricing structure there is a $1 charge per part on top of the material costs etc.

The good news is I have now redesigned the couplings so they can be 3D printed as one piece but can be easily separated.  I looked at several different ways to do this but each had its pitfalls. Because all of the exposed parts of the couplings have high detail or are part of my flexible joint, putting a connection back to a sprue would mean a rough area would always be at the point where the coupling was cut off.  The other part of the coupling fits into the NEM socket so again any rough areas would prevent the coupling from fitting correctly.

The solution was to add all the couplings to a tie bar with ‘T’ stalks which pass through each coupling, without actually touching it, as shown below.

The ‘T’ head can easily be broken or cut off which lets the coupling fall away from the tie bar.

Although a tie bar could be used at each end of the coupling this proved to be unnecessary as you can see in this actual set of 3D printed couplings below.

I’ve also made some other very small changes or improvements which don’t show up in pictures but should help to make them even better.  I plan to do a few last checks with these latest versions and then I’ll be making them available.

I plan to release them in packs of 4,10, 50 and 100.  There’ll also be a sample pack which will contain one of each so you can do some testing to see which type you need.  This will be affected by the different types and makes of rolling stock you have plus the radius of your curves; tighter curves will need the longer couplings to avoid buffer lock.

I am planning to have them ready for next week, so fingers crossed.

A Project For the N Scale Enthusiast

Where was I last week? I had the night off; I didn’t post anything but I was still modelling.  I used the time to catch up on some jobs that needed a bit of concentration and I’ll be sharing these with you soon, once I’m finished.

In the meantime if any of you were at the 25th National N Scale Convention in Pittsburgh, hosted by the N Scale Enthusiast, you may have seen some of my work.

One of NSE’s new limited run models is the Navy Gun Barrel Transport Consist‘.

All the pictures are courtesy of the N Scale Architect.

I designed the gun barrel load and all the supporting details which sit on top of the three flat cars made by Micro-Trains.  This was a project for the N Scale Architect who assembled and painted all the models for the NSE.

As I said earlier, this model is a limited run and is only available through the NSE website; members of NSE also get a discount.  The link below will take you to their shop.

NSE Navy Gun Barrel Transport Consist

The N Scale Enthusiast and the N Scale Architect have fantastic models and kits, so if they are new to you, I recommend having a look.

My Updated List for Shapeways’ FUD & FXD Models – Part 2 – The Tenders

This week I have the second part of my list for the updated or unaffected models, due to the FUD & FXD pricing structure change by Shapeways. To read more and see the first part of the list from last week click here.

This week I’ve been through all my UP tenders, in all the scales. The following are updated and are ready for purchase: they are either unaffected, have had a price reduction or had a slight price increase which cannot be reduced.  Sadly the HO tenders have had a price jump and the O scale tenders have had a bigger price jump although this is mostly because the O scale tenders were originally printed in the Frosted Detail (FD) material which was almost half the price of the FUD.  FD is no longer available.

Steam Tenders (N Scale)

UP Water Tender Pre Rebuild (Ex Turbine) Type 1

UP Water Tender Pre Rebuild (Ex Turbine) Type 2

UP Water Tender Pre Rebuild (Ex Turbine) Type 1 & 2

UP Water Tender (Ex Turbine) Type 1&2 – No Trucks

UP Water Tender Pre-Rebuilt (Turbine) Small Parts

UP Water Tender Pre-Rebuilt (Turbine) Ladders

UP Water Tender N Scale 1:160 Jim Adams

UP Water Tender N Scale 1:160 Joe Jordan

UP Water Tenders N Scale 1:160 Jim & Joe

UP Water Tender Ladders (2007-Present)

UP Water Tender Small Parts (2007-Present)

UP Water Tender Spare Trucks 2x N Scale 1:160

UP Water Tender Spare Trucks 4x N Scale 1:160

Steam Tenders (HO Scale)

UP Water Tender HO Scale 1:87 Jim Adams

UP Water Tenders HO Scale 1:87 Jim & Joe

UP Water Tender Spare Trucks 2x HO Scale 1:87

UP Water Tender Spare Trucks 4x HO Scale 1:87

Steam Tenders (O Scale)

UP Water Tender O Scale 1:48 Jim Adams

UP Water Tender O Scale 1:48 Jim & Joe

Next week I’ll be going through all the detail parts and, as I said last week, if you’re considering purchasing any of my models which are not on these lists please feel free to drop me a message and I can confirm if the price is likely to change.