How Tos

The links below take you to ‘How To’ posts that I have written over the years.  There are always several ways to do things and these are the methods that work for me.  I hope they help you to create the model you want to build.


Quick & Easy Ways to Ballast Track

Ballasting up to a Trestle or Bridge

Making Talus and Rock Fall for Your Layout

Using Your Rocks to Build River & Railroad Canyons

Making Rocks for Your Model Railroad

Painting and Weathering Rocks

How to make your own NBWs for N Scale Trestles

Loco & Rollingstock

Checking Wheelset Back to Backs

N Scale A-B-A set of Alco C-855 locomotives – Complete Build

Adding Real Coal Loads To Hoppers

Lubricating, Oiling and Greasing Locomotives

Replacing Con-Cor U50, Turbine & JTP C-855 Wheelsets

Adding N Scale Wheelset Resistors for Circuit Detection

Fitting Micro-Trains Body Mount Couplers To Older N Scale Freight Cars

3D Printing

Fixing bowing problems in 3D FUD printed models

Cleaning Up 3D Printed Models

Removing Acrylic paint From 3D Printed Models

A Way To Paint FUD & FXD 3D Printed Parts


Installing LokSound Select Direct Micro DCC Decoders in Kato Locomotives

Identifying Your DCC Decoder

How to Fix Runaway Locomotives on a DCC Layout

Changing Sounds on Digitrax Sound Decoder (Basic)

Changing Sounds on Digitrax Sound Decoder (Advanced With PR3)

Making a DCC Bus for your Model Railroad

Testing A DCC Auto Reverses and Reversing Section

Cost-effective DCC installs for consisted locomotives

Making your own DCC plugs and connectors

Converting An N Scale Bachmann F7 to DCC


Improving Peco Points for DCC Operation

Improving Kato Points for DCC Operation

General Electrics

Joining Wire With Solder & Heat Shrink

Joining Modular Baseboards Together


Re-powering A Dapol Semaphore Signal