N Gauge Short Rapido Replacments

HST's Coupling Closeup 4

These are N Scale replacement couplers for Rapido style couplings. These are shorter than the standard Rapido couplers by 2mm (0.078”) and can be used to bring rolling stock closer together with out causing buffer lock. Using two together will bring the rolling stock 4mm (0.157”) closer giving the impression of a connected corridor.

HST's Coupling Closeup 3

The coupler head and tail closely match the Rapido standard and couples smoothly to each other and Rapido couplers. The new coupler uses the existing spring in the Rapido socket.

HST's Coupling Closeup

(New couplings shown behind – Rapido couplings shown in front)

The BS&F material does leave a rough finish on the on the sliding face but this does not affect the working of the coupler.  If printed in the FD material it will have a smoother finish but will require cleaning and painting.

This particular set was designed for a Graham Farish HST set.

But will work with any rolling stock fitted with Rapido couplers.

Graham Farish GOV Coaches On On Bend 1

They are currently available in two packs (Please note only the FD material can be ordered from Shapeways directly at present).

As set of 20 (Ideal for 1 HST set of 8 or 9 coaches)

As set of 40 (Ideal for 2 HST sets of 8 or 9 coaches)

BS&F sets, as shown in the pictures, are available directly using the buttons below.  They cost £5.00 GBP per pack of 20.

£1.50 Delivery To UK £3.50 Delivery Worldwide
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Other lengths and quantities are available on request.

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